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Devil worship, supernatural hauntings and demonic children... The Devil has come and arrived to theatres with the creepy Mexican horror, Here Comes the Devil. A new clip has been released online from the film, so you can take a look at how director Adrian Garcia Bogliano condensed everything eerie and horrifying into one intense supernatural horror.

Every parent's worst nightmare comes true for Sol and Felix: their two kids go missing during a family vacation in Tijuana. After mysteriously returning the next day, it becomes clear that the children aren't the same anymore. They suddenly seem... sinister.

The clip reveals how the parents are on the edge of losing their minds. They are still desperately trying to find a rational explanation for the strange things happening around the family house. However, when you see your son levitating above the bed like a crucifix, it might be time to believe in the supernatural. Take a look at the clip here:

Here Comes the Devil (2013) Exclusive Clip "Losing Mind" - The funniest videos are a click away

If you have not seen the trailer yet, you can watch it here. It hints not only at supernatural scares, but also at intense sexual tension.

The film stars and . Director is currently in post production of another supernatural flick, the werewolf movie, Late Phases.

Here Comes the Devil's synopsis reads:

A married couple's preteen son and daughter inexplicably reappear after being lost overnight on a desolate, cave-riddled mountainside after a casual hike became every parent's nightmare.

The good luck and good fortune of their return soon changes, as the children’s behavior suggests ominous and unspeakable events the night the children were lost that continue even now. As a loving couple – and loving parents – try to care for and protect their children, the ancient and half-whispered legends around the caves and the mountain and those who have gone there before become too strange to believe... and too dangerous, no matter how insane, to ignore.

(source: Bloody-disgusting)

So what do you think of the clip? Will you be heading for the next cinema to watch Here Comes the Devil?


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