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Abi Toll

Perhaps we should be anticipating a resurgence in 'hitcher horror' as this new trailer for The Poisoning suggests, where it looks set to be a psychological terror rooted in reality with some good old fashioned gore.

BloodyDisgusting have divulged the hellish premise below:

Three men road trip across America, where jealousy, paranoia and a menacing hitchhiker kick off a terrifying hell ride that spins insanely out of control.

Apparently you can already view the film in its entirety via Verizon Fios and Vimeo where it stars:

(Madison County, Contracted), Brandon Walz (who also co-wrote the film), Kalan Ray and Joanna Sotomura (Madison County).


What are your thoughts on The Poisoning trailer?

Source: Bloody Disgusting



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