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is no poltroon. He's definitely no stranger to action scenes. I mean, the guy's been a swashbuckling pirate captain, a murderous barber, a drug-devouring journalist, a kick-ass Native American and a fear-inducing gangster. He's not a stranger to action stunts. But, for his latest movie, Mortdecai, apart from the completely unusual look he's adopted, he's taking on a dose of action that might be a bit too much, even for a seasoned buccaneer like him: getting run over by a speeding Rolls Royce. Yikes.

In these awesome new set pics, it seems like the challenge of confronting a car head-on was met not by Johnny, but a stunt double. Obviously. I personally wouldn't let myself get run over by a vintage millionaire's set of wheels, just for the measly paycheck Depp's gonna cash in for this flick. Well, that's what stunt doubles are for, right? Take a look at this brave, unsung hero's collision with the flaming Rolls:

Filming for this scene took place in London's iconic East End. Depp's playing a devious art dealer, called Charles Mortdecai, who finds himself on a crazy treasure hunt involving the MI5, a bunch of angry Russian crooks, a really hot wife, an international terrorist and the great prize: a bank account filled with Nazi gold, the code to which is hidden in a stolen painting. Sounds good, huh? The plot's based on a series of books (a trilogy, actually) by Kyril Bonfiglioli. From what I've seen so far, it seems like there'll be a healthy mixture of comedy and drama, action and exposition.

Here are a couple of close-ups of this new Mortdecai persona. He does look quite different from the traditional pale-creepy-thin trifecta Depp has usually sported as his look, what with the Edwardian moustache and demeanor:

Also starring in the movie are , and . Filming in London began on October 21st.

Mortdecai still has a release date that is TBA, although it's expected to come out at some point next year. Images via The Daily Mail.


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