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Abi Toll

Whilst there is still a whole month to go before director ' new film August: Osage County opens on Christmas day, Indiewire have reported that its producer would like to give the public a gentle reminder of its stella cast.

This of course includes acting heavyweight who will once again be enthralling audiences with a titanic performance; and an eye on the Oscar prize too no doubt.

Indiewire have described Streep's character as:

Recently widowed, pill popping matriarch Violet Weston who can't seem to relate to her daughters or family without prefacing any comment with a barbed insult. Here she is weighing on Native Americans, vegetarianism, choice of hairstyle and choice of husband all to a varying degrees of acidity.

I imagine that Streep will give an incredibly accurate characterization of the stereotypical Matriarch that many of us are all too familiar with.

She will also be joined by a dazzling cast including: , , , , , , , , , and .

Watch Streep unleash her sharp tongue here (via Indiewire):





What do you make of the clips? Will you be integrating this into your Christmas proceedings?



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