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Brian Salisbury

I have to say, I wasn't entirely thrilled when I first heard that Wolf Creek 2 was in production. It struck me as odd that after eight years, there would remain the desire to revisit a savage little Aussie horror flick that was only financially successful because of its low budget. That's not to say Wolf Creek wasn't well-made, it was in fact a solid slasher road movie. It just seemed an strange undertaking.

However, this recently-released TV spot for the film has me all kinds of excited. Presumably director and his crew are once again working form a rather lean budget, but this TV spot belies that limitation. The moment at the end where they throw an entire semi truck at one of the characters?! That's utterly fantastic!

The downside? We probably won't see Wolf Creek 2 stateside until it's released to VOD long after its Australian theatrical debut.

Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think.


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