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Now, while there are many things in this mixed up universe of ours that can bring us joy, there are strikingly few of them upon which we can collectively agree. After all, while some of us may take deep-rooted existential pleasure in watching a certain cinematic space saga while wearing only underwear, baiting a tiny-handed golf-tyrant on Twitter, or chowing down on a giant plate of Southern-style BBQ food, others may consider those very same activities to be deeply unpleasant, if not downright offensive.

Surely even the most determinedly ornery among us can find some joy in the simplest pleasures of life — like, say, a video of popular Hollywood actor pretending to be a talking raccoon in exchange for substantial financial compensation. After all, what more delicately straightforward joy could ever be found? You tell me, but in the meantime:

Let's All Watch Bradley Cooper Pretend To Be A Talking Raccoon For Money

Now, of course, that there video also features some footage of Cooper's co-star voicing the inimitable Baby Groot, but since that doesn't involve either a) him saying anything other than "I Am Groot," or b) shouting maniacally while in possession of a thick and fluffy beard, it's sadly not quite as delightful as watching Bradley Cooper enjoy himself far, far too much.

Sure, it may not have quite the emotional resonance of looking into your newborn child's eyes for the first time, or watching as years of struggle and personal sacrifice allow you to make the world a better place somehow, but it is a video of a man voicing a talking raccoon.

So it's still pretty cool.

What do you think, though? Are you excited to see the actual Rocket Raccoon when Guardians Vol. 2 hits theaters on May 5? Let us know below!

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