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The might of the Mo Brothers will be unleashed once more with the release of their latest offering, Killers

The ultra-violent thriller is sure to rattle the nerves and dish up tense psychological terror with plentiful slashings to boot.

Killers follows Bayu Aditya (), a family man in Jakarta whose life becomes disturbingly entwined with killings committed by Nomura Shuhei (), a young Japanese executive. The two men's connection gradually grows after watching each others violent crimes online but they soon start to feed off one another, making their addiction grow to dangerous levels.

This fast-paced voyage through the dark territories of murder, addiction and bleak voyeurism is not for the faint of heart, but don't take it from me, watch the dynamic trailer yourself below:


Killers recently screened at Sundance Film Festival so keep your beady eyes peeled for general release. XYZ Films has been in conversation with film distributors in various countries and Lions Gate have purchased for a UK release.


(Images: Toho Kingdom)


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