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After almost two years off the air, fans of the real Sherlock Holmes series (we won't speak of the American version that tries to be the BBC version, bless its heart) can rejoice. Sherlock is returning, both literally and figuratively to our screens.

By now, Sherlockians everywhere know that Sherlock Holmes () fakes his death at the end of Series 2, leaving a grieving John Watson () behind. A clever, telling prequel mini-episode has been released by BBC, showing us Holmes is both alive and working his way home, but it's the unlikeliest of people from his past who has figured it out.


and are basically the British versions of and know how to get fandoms whipped into a frenzy one minute, and welling up in tears the next. In fact, it's been a pretty good year for the pair, what with Doctor Who's massively loved, massively, er, massive 50th anniversary episode, the exit of 's 11th Doctor and entrance of 's 12th. And now Sherlock returns.

That is how you work a crowd, people. Slow claps all around.

Sherlock will return to Baker Street in the UK on New Year's Day, but alas, those of us in the U.S. will have to wait until January 19th when it airs on PBS Masterpiece.

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(Source: BBC)


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