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Paul Aguirre-Livingston

Just what you've always wanted: and naked by the pool together. In a new clip from 's upcoming thriller about a lawyer () who gets his hands dirty with the drug world, Diaz shows off her tortuous, street-smart chops as Malkina, girlfriend of kingpin . While maybe turning Cruz on in the process.

The two have an intimate conversation - again, half nude - about Catholic confession and the dirty deed of sex. It's a bit steamy in a wrong sort of way. Set for release in just over a month, these sorts of clips have been offering brief snippets of the various characters in the ensemble cast, making us even more eager to find out who gets with whom, and who has to die in the process.

In an interview with WWD, Diaz revealed some details about the relatively mysterious film:

Malkina has no humanity. She’s soulless. Her world is very, very dark so she wants to wear a facade to deflect all of that.

Click the first picture of Cameron strutting around to head over and see the new clip, and scroll down for more.

Costume designer Paula Thomas added more insight into what to expect from The Counselor:

Not that many roles get written for women who have this kind of power. I was surprised Cameron was cast in the role, but she completely immersed herself and I think audiences will see a side of her they’ve never seen before.”

Looks aside, it seems like Cameron might just kill it.



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