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Who's excited to see the newest remake of Carrie? Raise your hand.

(I raised both hands.)

They've been keeping pretty tight wraps on the latest adaptation up to this point, revealing a few blood-soaked pictures of Carrie White () after the iconic Prom scene and one teaser trailer featuring a gory Carrie and the aftermath of the town.

Now, Entertainment Tonight got its hands on a snippet from the official full trailer for the film and have released it online. It focuses more on the pre-losing her damn mind Carrie, showing the troubled girl starting to discover her powers. We also get our first glimpse of as Margaret, Carrie's unhinged and fanatically religious mother.

Carrie, which is adapted from the King novel of the same name, follows the tragic story of Carrie White, a tortured teen who is physically and emotionally abused by her psychotic mother, and tormented and bulled by the other kids in her school. When Carrie discovers she has telekinetic powers, let's just say everyone in the town ends up wishing they hadn't been quite so awful to the sweet and shy girl.

ET will be releasing the full trailer today, and rest assured we'll have it here for you to check out. Carrie will be bloodying up screens on October 18th, just in time to wonder if every trick-or-treater coming to your door has the psychic ability to blow up your house.


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