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Here he comes again, fresh off giving the box office a jolly good rogering, the Merc with a Mouth has another NSFW video reminding us just how great his film really was. We love you Deadpool! Ryan Reynolds has once again slipped into his scarlet suit to explain to us exactly why he should win the coveted Clio Golden Key Award for "Best Integrated Marketing Campaign" — it all sounds very wordy, but as Deadpool would probably say, "We got shit done."

Watch him praise the Deadpool ad campaign in the video below and explain (kind of) whose balls he had to fondle to get the nomination.

Update: Unfortunately it seems like Fox unleashed its own legal mercenaries on the video, so you'll have to be really sneaky and not entirely legal as you search the internet for a way to watch this video in which Ryan Reynolds narrates the wildly successful Deadpool marketing campaign and even manages to squeeze in a few more ball jokes.

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And The Award Goes To...

Image: 20th Century Fox
Image: 20th Century Fox

Basically the award goes to the film that took an innovative approach and created hype before it even made it into cinemas. Reynolds goes on to explain their three-phased marketing attack that included Betty white, balls, and box office. Clearly the Fox execs didn't keep their brains in their sacks for this one, as Deadpool recaps that they even created a faux romantic trailer to lure in that emotional rom-com crowd.

From to changing the rating of Conan O'Brien's show, his sexy bear-skin photoshoot and reigning as the king of Comic-Con; Deadpool chopped off Hollywood's head and wiped the floor with its sticky insides for all to see. Not bad from the man that one gave us The Green Lantern and Wolverine Origins, eh?

Slaying The Competition

Image: Clio Key Art.
Image: Clio Key Art.

However, we all know what really put Deadpool cock 'n' balls above the rest, it was its uber-meta take on breaking the fourth wall. In fact, he didn't just break the fourth wall — he ran a Colossus straight through it. We can't even see the wall anymore, the wall is a dot to us. It all rounds off to tell us exactly why Deadpool is the most-viewed Red Band Trailer on YouTube and highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. Perhaps some other films could learn a thing or two!

Only one film can win each year, and as Deadpool has already won the key to our hearts, why not give him another one? Deadpool goes up against Suicide Squad and The Martian in this year's competition. You don't see Margot Robbie or Matt Damon cameoing in their campaign videos — now I'm not a betting man, but [Insert skull-poop-L emojis here].

Let's remind ourselves of just how bad Deadpool could actually have been and thank God they gave Reynolds his mouth back. Don't forget to comment in our poll below!


Which film has the best marketing campaign?


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