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It's been three years since legendary actor passed away, but his work will live on. From Easy Rider to Rebel Without A Cause, Hopper was the man when it came to badasses on film. Even his own life mirrored some of his onscreen turmoil: married five times, a drug addiction, lawsuits - you name it.

One of the Oscar nominated actor and director's most celebrated and memorable roles was in David Lynch's 1986 cult classic Blue Velvet, where Hopper played the jaw-dropping perverted psycho Frank Booth. In this 45-minute interview, Hopper explains his part in shaping the initial character development, what it was like shooting his first film sober, and reminiscing on some of his other notable projects.

Some highlights:

On wanting to be part of Blue Velvet, even though the film had already started shooting and he had never met Lynch:

I called [David Lynch] on the telephone: 'You haven't made a mistake. I am Frank Booth!...He was like a boy scout [on set].

On his directing career, and working on the acclaimed cop drama Colors:

I got some really wonderful actors. Robert Duvall is terrific; [Sean Penn is wonderful]. It was an amazing thing to direct two actors of such quality. Never once did I have to say cut because they missed a line or something. I never saw them rehearse together.

Watch the entire interview below:

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Today's Hollywood could sure use more brilliant, flawed, talented geniuses like Hopper.



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