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A really unique treat for fans of Heath Ledger's Joker: Christopher Nolan, Mike Leigh and Ken Loach explain how their works were inspired by certain artists as a special celebration of the reopening of Tate Britain. Listen to the world-famous filmmakers, and feel very special as they share their personal thoughts on their art with you in the video interviews below.

discusses how the paintings of Francis Bacon helped him creating the atmosphere of his Batman trilogy and how they inspired the make up of 's iconic Joker. Bacon has always been the director's favourite artist, as he says, because of the "tremendous atmosphere" and the "moving quality" of his paintings, which Nolan tried to echo cinematically in his films. He explains that art can be a very valuable tool for expressing a vision that reaches beyond words or dialogue.

While discussing the clown make-up with make-up artist John Caglione, the director found himself talking about Bacon. He wanted to achieve that tortured quality so powerfully present in the painter's art. Caglione turned the Joker's face into a canvas that echoed the "bleakness" and "emotional discomfort" of Bacon's pictures.

Christopher Nolan does not give interviews very often, so don't miss the chance. Check the video out here:


's upcoming artistic biopic portrays the legendary British painter, J.M.W. Turner. The director discusses how he tried to recreate one of the artist's paintings in the film with the set and composition of the actors.


In the last video is talking about his inspiration by "the great panorama of social life" in the pictures of William Hogarth.


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Batman will obviously be remade and rebooted at some point. Do you think anyone will ever rival Ledger's portrayal of the Joker? Or will he stand alone?


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