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It has just been officially announced that , aka Hermione, broke up with her millionaire boyfriend, so the time was right for the CinemaSins crew to find their new target in the third chapter of the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, directed by , is getting a thorough, 9 and half minutes long investigation for "movie sins": clichés, plot holes and other inconsistencies.

Some of the listed sins might be amusing, but others are a bit too far-fetched and just take the fun out of the movie. Blaming the new Dumbledore because he did not explain his altered appearance or the fussing about the whole time travelling issue that constitutes the very heart of the film, feel a bit like splitting hairs... Watch the video below and decide for yourselves whether Harry Potter was rightfully sentenced for rooming with Dementors in Azkaban for the 70 claimed movie sins:


(source: ComicBook)

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