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Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9 and Chappie, has been pulling out all the stops with his latest experimental project, and it looks like the gamble is paying off.

Blomkamp's Oats Studios hit the ground running with RAKKA, a grizzly and violent vision of a future in which a race of deadly aliens have destroyed the planet and experiment on the remnants of humanity. The short film has attracted almost 2.5 million views on YouTube since it landed a couple of weeks ago.

And now is back with Firebase:

While was set in the dystopian future, takes us back to the Vietnam War and follows an American soldier "through an ever deepening web of science fiction madness." Blomkamp also tweeted a sneak peek in the lead-up to the release, reminding us that he really is the king of terrifying monsters:

Blomkamp's style of grim, bleak sci-fi is weaved throughout all his Oats Studios projects, and Firebase is no different. While the Vietnam War was hell for all involved, our poor U.S. soldiers looks to be experiencing a whole new dimension of horror after something is bending time and reanimating the dead around them.

Firebase is a little different for Blomkamp. Where RAKKA trod familiar territory in terms of and Elysium, Firebase is just as grizzly and plot driven but delves further into the abyss — with shades of Predator, Apocalypse Now and other sci-fi greats all pummelled together into the madness we see above. And it ends way too soon.

Unlike RAKKA, there are no big names leading the charge in this one, but the cast's performance is outstanding. The cinematography and SFX are suburb, especially with the footage of the napalm catching against the River God's hidden torso — although I wouldn't expect anything less from Blomkamp's highly ambitious experimental project.

Firebase is the second of four volumes Oats Studios plans to release this summer. Aside from these four 20-minute or so shorts, Oats will also be releasing a whole bunch of other bizarre content, the first of which was Cooking With Bill, a mad infomercial for the deadly and completely impractical "cooking tool" Damasu 950. ("Damasu" meaning to deceive, trick, or pull the wool over eyes in Japanese.)

If you have any idea what is going on in the above clip, please feel free to let me know! Damasu 950 is an example of the type of wacky, experimental shit Blomkamp has up his sleeve for Oats, and I can't wait to see what else he has on the way.

Keep your eyes glued to the Oats Studios' YouTube, Facebook and Steam accounts for more mind-bending short films/trailer/cooking implements in the coming weeks.

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