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Tino Jochimsen

Obviously one can’t predict these things but I’d say Yann Demange’s 71 has more than a good shot at winning the Berlin Film Festival.

The festival prides itself in awarding political movies - and they don’t come more political than 71.

Set in 1971, the competition entry centers on Gary, a British soldier (Jack O’Connell) who gets separated from his unit amidst street riots in Belfast. Marooned in enemy territory and increasingly unhappy with what his fellow soldiers are doing, Gary desperately tries to survive the night.

A very similar, very stellar movie already won the Berlin Film Festival in 2002: Paul Greengrass' Bloody Sunday which dealt with death of civilians at the hand of British soldiers in Derry, Ireland in 1972. It featured gritty, bleak visuals and a penchant for shaky camerawork.

Watch the first, shaky clip of 71 below.


‘71 will premiere Friday, February the 7th at the Berlin Film Festival.


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