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South Korean genre movies just never let you down; whether melodramas, horrors or thrillers, they always put you on an emotional roller-coaster. Its newest mystery thriller, Hide and Seek, is no exception, ruffling the nerves by manipulating with a primal fear: Having to viscerally experience what it feels like when your personal space is invaded and you no longer feel secure in your own home. You can have a taste of the film's eerie atmosphere and shocking jolts, if you take a look at the first trailer.

Hide and Seek from writer-director Huh Jung premiered in South Korea in August and according to Joblo, a new genre-focused distributor, RAM Releasing, is launching it on VOD January 15 and on DVD (as well as Netflix Instant and Amazon) April 8. The story focuses on a "weird rumour" about squatters that secretly live in other people's homes.

The Variety emphasised the film's powerful Hitchcockian suspense and spine-chilling shocks, writing:

[Hide and Seek] cunningly manipulates our primal fears, and is so superbly shot and paced, that shudders and squeals are sure to spread through the cinema every time a door slides open or slams shut.

Take a look at the ghoulish trailer of the apartment thriller here:

Hide and Seek centers on Sung-soo (Son Hyun Ju, Secretly, Greatly), a man who has everything: a beautiful wife and children, a comfortable home and luxury car, and plenty of money in the bank. When he learns that his estranged brother has gone missing, he visits his apartment in search of answers. Unsettled by the shabby, half-empty apartment complex, he quickly notices strange symbols inscribed under the doorbells and the terrified residents who hurriedly lock their doors at the sight of an outsider. The disturbing visit follows Sung-soo and his family home, as they soon find themselves stalked by a mysterious masked figure, and the same strange symbols appear under their doorbell. With his own nightmares escalating out of control, Sung-soo must face his most primal fears to reveal the shocking truth behind the intensifying horror.

I'll go out on a limb and say the inspiration for this movie was this true story from a few years ago about a homeless woman who lived in a man's home for a year before she was detected. Creepy.

(source: Variety and Joblo)

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