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Brian Salisbury

If we can be sure of anything regarding 's Hobbit trilogy, it's that there will be around six versions of each movie released on Blu-ray with a myriad different features.

For the extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, one special feature captures a rather personal moment from the set. In the clip, becomes annoyed with the directions given to him by . Some people have blown this moment way out of proportion, but believe me it's hardy a row. In fact, even as they are arguing, McKellen is being entirely reasoned and calm. He even concludes by humbly telling Serkis, "if I’m not doing it right darling you must shout out!"

If nothing else, it's a nice peek into the complexities of the creative process when so much is left to post-production. Take a look a the clip and tell us what you think?

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