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The Huffington Post brings us a video of a paparazzi being slightly verbally abused by the incomparable . In it, the young The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 star's patience apparently runs out for good, and she spews forth a poetic torrent of interjections and profanity directed at the overwhelmed pap. The unquestionable highlight here is the very humble:

You don't deserve to breathe the same air I do.

What remains unclear is the exact reason for this discrepancy between artists (the thespian and the photojournalist). The video starts off in media res with the downtrodden paparazzo asking meekly:

Why are you saying 'f**k off?'

Which prompts KStew's brilliant response:

Because you're a piece of s**t.

The exchange gets better. Somewhat redundantly, the snapshot-hunter inquires:

Who is a piece of s**t?

Which of course only left one possible answer for Kristen:

You are, you f**kface.

After this pseudo-socratic exchange, with that clever zinger bringing an end to the dialogue, only the desperate and persistent personal wringers from the pap can be heard. The brave man actually tries to conduct an interview after basically being told to drop dead by his interviewee, asking such pressing questions like

Are you and Robert back together?

But alas, to no avail. The prey has become the predator, and an unperturbed K-Stew is seen entering her car, paying not the slightest attention to her vanquished antagonist. She has won this round. But the paparazzi species is known to be tenacious and staunch, and will remain steadfast in its (cough cough) crucial mission to inform the world on the comings and goings taking place in Beverly Hills.

Watch the full, splendorous 26-second-video below (NSFW language):




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