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Insanity: it's a disease that spreads through the mind.

The location of a sanitarium is not entirely a new field for Malcolm McDowell: as a young actor he played Alex, the suffering victim in the 1971 sci-fi classic, A Clockwork Orange, where during the experimental aversion therapy, called the Ludovico technique, he was "cured" from being a criminal. In the new horror anthology Sanitarium, however, represents the other side of the patient-doctor relationship: he plays the sinister Dr. Stenson, the lead physician responsible for the patients at the Sanitarium, trying to tackle various forms of mental illness.

As BD reports, the horror anthology is now available on on DVD and digital download from Image Entertainment. In the clip below from the psychological trilogy, uniting three stories in one narrative, you can watch strange noises plaguing during the night. Take a look here:

Sanatarium is helmed by , , and . Besides McDowell it stars another horror veteran, , he of Freddy Krueger fame.

The official synopsis reads:

Abandon everything you’ve ever believed about that brittle concept we call "reality" and prepare to enter a macabre netherworld of shadows, fiends and phantoms – a twisted realm of waking nightmares and warped minds, locked away in unrelenting torment. Welcome to the Sanitarium. Behind the walls of the Sanitarium, Dr. Stenson holds dominion over the inmates of a most unusual asylum. Horror Legend Robert Englund (Freddy vs. Jason, A Nightmare on Elm Street) also stars with (Smallville), (Mean Girls) and Lou Diamond Phillips in three chilling tales of unspeakable terror that will drive you over the edge of reason – and beyond!

If you have not seen the trailer yet, check it out here:

Bonus: If you're wondering what the song in the trailer is, it's "Coyote" by Pop Pistol (I was wavering between Kyle Andrews or Placebo until I caved and Googled it. Wrong on both counts).

(source: Bloody-disgusting)

What do you think of Sanitarium? Will you be watching McDowell as the sinister Dr. Stenson?


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