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More4 (or Channel 4, for those unfamiliar) put together an awesome promo video a few years back (2008, to be exact) to kick off their "Kubrick season", and it was an incredible tribute to 's classic, The Shining. A painstaking recreation of some of the more famous set pieces and costumes was built, including using look-alikes for and Danny Lloyd (who played Danny Torrance).

It's a visually engaging one-shot take, with a swooping camera that pans through multiple sets and past the busy bustle of a movie set, all from what's supposedly Kubrick's point of view, culminating with him being handed the day's script and working his way to the director's chair.

Even though it's a few years old, it's recently resurfaced online to the delight of horror fans everywhere. It's still fantastic, and there's a good chance most horror fans missed it. Check it out:



(Source: JoBlo)



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