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David Latona

If you happen to be more impatient than a high-kicking Spartan king negotiating with a Persian emissary, you probably need a little fix to lessen the agony of the 8-year-long wait for a sequel to 's 300. And we shall happily provide that relief with these six new short clips (in HD!), contianing new footage not found in the official trailer. Fellow Spartans, check them out... and never forget your profession. Ha-ooh! Ha-ooh! Ha-ooh!

What do you think? Still excited for this sequel? You'd better be, or Leonidas might just rise from the dead and plunge you flailing into a well.

300: Rise Of An Empire, starring , , , , , , , , and ; and based on 's own follow up to his graphic novel 300 (titled Xerxes), is set for a March 7th, 2014 release.

Via Comic Book Movie.



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