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Look out, here comes the Spider-Man — well, a new one anyway. If you are getting itchy feet (all eight of them) for the arrival of Spider-Man's solo debut in the MCU, you aren't alone. However, if patience is a virtue that you just can't master, you can now check out the first four minutes of online. The film's full theatrical release may only be days away, but I bet you'll click play anyway!

The (Spider-)Man Of The Moment

Continuing from 's celebrated entry into the in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, the 21-year-old hopes to backflip his way into the history books and deliver a standalone Spider-Man trilogy that kicks the butt of the Raimiverse and paves right over Marc Webb's maligned duo of films. So, if you are ready, let's check out the Homecoming opening:

First things first: YEY, Happy Hogan is back! Actor-cum-director Jon Favreau reprises his role as Tony Stark's long-standing aide and brings the chuckles as Peter's stoic escort. In a mockumentary-style "Peter's First Holiday," we flash back to pre-Civil War events and see Hogan taking an OTT Parker to Berlin. We see Holland alongside a cobbled-together Spidey suit — similar to Tobey Maguire's wrestling version from the 2002 film — before our hero is instructed to put on his Stark Industries upgrade. Voila, origin of the Spidey suit confirmed!

We also get the neat inclusion of the Civil War battle, which is show from Spidey's point of view, and we see that boyish twinkle in Peter's eye. However, then the big man himself enters the fray and undoubtedly dominates the trailer from here on out. With a first glimpse of Tony Stark, the philanthropist fully steps into the mentor role for our young web-head.

Ditching the documentary style, we cut to the car scene of Peter and Stark that was hyped up in the trailer. Holland and Downey Jr. have the perfect on-screen chemistry that is sure to play out well over the course of the movie, even if the characters do end up at loggerheads. While some people fear that Homecoming will just be Iron Man 4, it is clear from the outset that this is very much Holland's film and will live up to its prefix.

If the first four minutes of Jon Watts's film are anything to go by, it looks like we are onto a winner already. Holland captures to boyhood enthusiasm of Peter Parker, while Spider-Man's younger years add a sense of innocence to the hero. Balancing jokes and danger with popcorn entertainment, Homecoming looks like the perfect addition to the 's family-friendly collection.

With the movie already being certified 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, Homecoming promises to follow in the footsteps of other recent superhero superstars like Logan and Wonder Woman. Following on from a mixed bag year of Suicide Squad and X-Men: Apocalypse among triumphs like Captain America: Civil War, Homecoming has once again piqued our interest after Spidey's troubled history. Spider-Man: Homecoming is sure to swing away with this year's summer box office takings, so it seems that eight legs really are better than two!


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