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Netflix may currently be the most popular streaming service online, but the giant's dominance may be about to face some major competition. Just a few days after Disney broke ties with Netflix to plan its own streaming service, the company behind the i-Phone has decided to follow Disney's footsteps in making its own service.

Apple Joins The Streaming Fray

[Credit: Netflix/Apple]
[Credit: Netflix/Apple]

As revealed by The Wall Street Journal, tech giant is reportedly investing more than one billion dollars into original content in its bid to compete against and ideally beat the streaming giant at its own game. Apple's plan is to make original shows and other forms of entertainment that will be available exclusively on Apple Music, allowing those who use Apple products to stream whenever they please.

While a billion dollars may seem like an expensive investment, this initial price tag pales in comparison to Netflix's budget of more than six billion dollars for its 2016 content. So, if the company's plans pay off, expect them to invest even more into their streaming platform in the future.

Will Apple's New Investment Be Worthwhile?

[Credit: Apple Music]
[Credit: Apple Music]

Though Apple is a well-respected brand in the tech industry, the company is best known for making the hardware and software that support streaming services, not for the entertainment itself. In fact, Apple's bid to enter the streaming war got off to a rocky start with their reality show .

In the critically-panned game show, contestants have 60 seconds to pitch an app to one of four celebrity judges. Jake Nevins of The Guardian described his experience of watching the "boring and self-indulgent" show as "painful," while Chandra Steele of PC said that Planet of the Apps was "not exactly must-see TV" after her in-depth recap of the first episode.

This mirrors similar streaming efforts from Yahoo!, when the company shut down Yahoo! Screen after five years of operations. The downfall of Yahoo! Screen was brought about by many reasons, chief among them being Yahoo!'s choice not to invest enough money in its video distribution service.

While Apple may be currently inexperienced in the field of creating on-screen entertainment, that's not to say that it can't transform itself into a leading streaming service. , which is primarily known as an online shopping service, made its mark in streaming with Amazon Prime Video with well-received shows like The Man In The High Castle and the family drama Transparent. So, there's every chance that Apple will be able to replicate this success for themselves.

Apple still has a lot to learn in terms of streaming and creating original content, but it may only be a matter of time before the brand that's become synonymous with Steve Jobs learns from others' mistakes. Just as it redefined technology as we know it, it's possible that Apple may change the way we use streaming services too.

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