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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

RED was rollicking good fun. The stratosphere wasn't reached, but let's be honest here, it wasn't even aiming for it. An all-star globetrotting action-adventure - what could go wrong here? Okay, at times it was a tad too self-knowing, but that's something that afflicts all starry ensembles (Oceans Twelve, you bloated ego trip you, my death stare is focused on you right now).

So, I'm positive about Red 2 - I doubt I'll be there on opening night, or make multiple visits, but it'll provide some solid genre fun on the big-screen. And now there's 5 new clips that have debuted to stoke up the anticipation. Check them out below.

This all smells good to me. Two highlights for me - first, there's , now assigned as Frank's () assassin, mincing her words to delicious degrees (not to mention THAT evening dress). Second of all, in the final clip, there's the expertly-done reveal of the site of the nuclear device our crack-team must remove - there's wandering lost around some backstreets, saying he's nearly there. Is it Papa John's in the background that's hiding that pesky nuclear device? No, it's the Kremlin. THE KREMLIN. I can't wait to see how our crack-team jump that hurdle. Add in some snip-smart wisecracks, some worthy action and some more Sarah () and Frank romantic travails (who the heck gave her a gun?), and this is all promising.

In fact, Red 2 is looking like a decent bet for the fall. Excited for its release? Get in touch below!


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