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The last time teamed up with director , we got the awesomely violent Drive, which transformed the soft-spoken indie actor into a badass, though mostly silent sociopath. But like, one you'd hang out with.

Well, when you have a partnership this strong, you don't fix what isn't broken. A brand new teaser for Only God Forgives showcases a movie that plays in the same ballpark as Drive, with Gosling getting involved in problems that require guns, bladed weapons, and kickboxing to solve. Check out our first proper look at this nasty little thriller:

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Though we only get flashes of the new flick, the sense of menace it contains is clear between the tense music, disturbing imagery, and the actors names over what appears to be a machete being raised for attack.

Gosling stars as an American ex-pat living in Thailand and running a boxing ring as a front for his family's illegal drug business. He finds himself inexorably drawn into a fight with a retired cop after his brother is murdered, and vengeance is demanded by his fearsome mother ().

The movie is expected to premiere at Cannes, and then opens up in theaters on May 23. Let us know what you think of the teaser by dropping a line in the comments below, and [[follow]] the film for the latest news, clips and set photos.


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