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Abi Toll

Smoking hot of The Vampire Diaries has ranked pretty high in People's Sexiest Man Alive 2013 list.

According to International Business Times, here's what Somerhalder had to say in an interview with People:

What I thought was: A. I should not be in this category. The editors, you guys must have been drinking, but when I heard that I got to hang out with my kid, with my Moke, that was the kicker right there.

He's what I refer to as, he's my valium. The cat is valium. He sedates me.


IBT reported that the moggie, Moke was rescued by Somerhalder:

On the Lost set in Hawaii and would walk him on a leash on the beach. People would stop and play with him. I got a lot of dates that way.

Not only is Somerhalder cat mad but he has a litter of dogs too:

I think we're over the limit for how many animals you can have per square foot. I think I have 2000 sq ft and I have 8 animals.

Here's what he had to say on Twitter about being in the People's Sexiest Man Alive 2013 issue:

Do you think that Somerhalder's obsession with cats makes him even more irresistible? Let us know what you think.



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