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Alisha Grauso

When news was released two weeks ago that the plucky cast of Veronica Mars was taking it upon themselves to launch a Kickstarter campaign to get a proper movie off the ground, the original goal was $2 million dollars. I think most of us who learned of it a few moments after it dropped went, "Well, that's a very sweet idea. Good luck with all that," and went about our business. Boy, did we all feel silly when we checked back in a mere 12 hours after the Kickstarter campaign had launched to find that not only had it raised the $2 million, but had blown past it to be the largest single-day for a Kickstarter campaign ever.

Creator recently took to YouTube to thank fans and update everyone on the movie and Kickstarter progress. Watch as Thomas can barely contain his excitement as the donations climb to $4 million, twice what they had originally dared hope to receive:

That is the look of a man who is slowly realizing that something he created is beloved the world over. Awesome.



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