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Quite possibly one of the most terrifying concepts a woman could imagine, is the idea of the devil living and growing inside of you. It is with this that we bring you yet another haunting clip from Devil's Due which was released by Twentieth-century Fox and stars Terra Nova’s Allison Miller and Friday Night Lights' Zach Gilford.

The clip is reminiscent of formulaic scares you see in the Paranormal activity films with the 'green footage POV' and is apparently not representative of the most frightening moments in the film- but then who would want all of the best scares to be in the trailer anyway?

Bloody Disgusting note that:

The -penned horror comes from Radio Silence, who collectively delivered the final short on our V/H/S anthology from last year.

Devil's Due hits theaters everywhere on January 17, 2014.

Devil's Due (2014) - "Hide And Seek" Clip - Click here for the most popular videos

What do you make of this clip?

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