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The movies have always been pretty sparse when it comes to special features on the DVDs. Most of them don't even include anything extra, and if they do, it was usually just a couple of deleted scenes — nothing special.

Well, the director of the original Paranormal Activity, Oren Peli, recently dropped a little gold nugget on his Facebook page — he released the never before seen original audition tapes featuring Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat. In the audition, the two actors are asked to improvise several key scenarios revolving around the ghosts in their house.

See The Audition Video Below

There was something so special about watching those initial improvisations between Katie and Micah, especially knowing what it would all eventually lead to — don't you agree?

The director also released the original Craigslist posting from 2006 that caught the attention of the two young actors, as well as the thousands of other hopefuls who auditioned. The posting went as follows:

SOLONA FILMS is Casting Male & Female Leads for an Independent Feature Film

TITLE: (withheld)

PLOT: Supernatural thriller/horror; a couple documents their battle with an unknown entity in their home. Not a cheesy teen/slasher movie (although some bad stuff may happen).

WHERE: San Diego

WHEN: mid-summer

HOW LONG: 6-7 days

Union: Non-union preferred, but we will consider Low Budget Sag-Indie contract

Format: Hi-Def Video.

The casting call then went on to note,

* No script will be provided at any stage of production.

* All dialogue will be ad-libbed. Natural ability to improvise is crucial.

* Shooting schedule will be mostly overnight. Long hours, little sleep, few breaks.

Who would have known that casting call would eventually turn into the billion-dollar movie franchise that is Paranormal Activity? It is definitely a franchise of my generation and I absolutely loved getting this little behind-the-scenes snippet. I can only hope that Paramount Pictures eventually decides to release a special edition Blu-ray of the film including more behind the scenes fun.

'Paranormal Activity' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Paranormal Activity' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

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