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Alisha Grauso

When you think of The Avengers and villain Loki, you generally think heroic and brave, or diabolical and cunning. You generally don't associate them with jazz hands, fart noises, and uncontrollable giggling. But the merry pranksters over at the Slacktory YouTube page have put together a pretty entertaining recut gag reel using footage from the Blu-ray's blooper reel and dialogue and sound effects from the actual movie. It's 1:22 of pure entertainment, basically. Check it out:


I know by now most of us have seen this blooper footage, but recutting it into a trailer spoof is pretty genius. Fingers crossed they do the same for the upcoming The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and any other comic book films that hit the screen between now and then. I, personally, would love to see Thor and Loki bickering over how to drive the Dark Elves' spaceship some more.


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