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Eszter Simor

100% creativity and craftsmanship: Coraline and ParaNorman animation studio LAIKA, has released the second teaser trailer for The Boxtrolls. Although the September 26 2014 release date is still quite far, this stop motion film looks like it is worth the time to wait for.

The first part of the trailer is fully dedicated to behind-the-scenes images, where we can feast our eyes on the beautifully crafted fantasy world for a whole minute. It is meticulously elaborated till the very last finest detail, like a small delicate flower on the side of the road, and we get to see the hands who help the little characters come to life. The second part features the actual trailer, where we are introduced to the onscreen world of the trolls. This video promises The Boxtrolls to be very different from the (digital) animations we are used to. It is really refreshing to watch something genuinely inspired, creative and crafty.

Check out the stunning trailer here:


The Boxtrolls, co-directed by and is based on 's novel Here Be Monsters!. The story follows a boy named Eggs who's raised by an unconventional family of underground-dwelling creatures who live in cardboard boxes under the city Cheesebridge and feast on cheese at night.

The cast, giving voice to the characters, includes: , , , , , , and .

(via Deadline)

So what do you say? Are you up for a journey under the streets of Cheesebridge next September?


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