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has one hell of a career. While other actresses have to sit and wait for substantial female roles to come their way, Marling just says 'F*ck it' and writes them for herself.

Her latest feature, The East reunites the actress with Sound of My Voice director . Like their previous collaboration, the thriller had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival to generally favorable reviews. The East boasts a well-rounded cast consisting of handsome erstwhile-vampire , Juno’s and character actress de luxe .

Marling herself snatched the lead role as former FBI agent Sarah, asked to investigate an anarchist collective led by the charismatic Benji (Skarsgård). Soon the lines between right and wrong are blurred and alliances questioned, no doubt thanks to the considerable charms of that dreamboat Skarsgård.

The trailer is an intriguing, eerie affair, that doesn't give much away apart from the agenda of said anarchists. In other words, it pretty much does what trailers are supposed to do!


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