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Now, while the upcoming release of 's -starring may have been largely overshadowed by widespread criticism of the film's whitewashing of the original manga and anime's Asian lead, that doesn't mean that many fans of the original aren't still excited to see how the adaptation of the film turns out.

Which, with the film set to hit theaters in just over a week's time, isn't something that's likely to cause an undue amount of suffering at this juncture. However, if you're too desperate to wait, Paramount seems to have you covered. Y'see:

You Can Now Watch The First Four Minutes Of 'Ghost In The Shell' Online

And, what's more, you can do so entirely legally. Paramount UK, after all, recently posted the above video on Twitter, giving us all a chance to enjoy the first four and a half minutes of the movie from the comfort of our own homes and workplaces.

Which is a) extremely nice of them and b) extremely prudent of them, seeing as the film is about to hit theaters around the world, and has perilously little buzz surrounding it as of right now. If offering up the first few minutes of the film as a teasing tribute can change that, then it'll be a small price to pay.

Whether or not that gambit comes off or not, of course, the film will hit theaters in the US on March 31, 2017, and will do as well as it will. Which probably isn't all that reassuring to any nervy studio executives out there, but there you go.

What do you think, though? Will Ghost in the Shell take the box office by storm, or fizzle out completely? Let us know below!


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