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One movie falling under the radar right now is Dangerous Liaisons and High Fidelity director 's Philomena.

The picture, based a novel by Martin Sixsmith and starring and , is a real-life tale surrounding a teenager in 1950s Ireland, who is forced to give her baby boy up for adoption and spends the next fifty years of her life trying to get him back.

Coogan (Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa) also co-wrote the screenplay, and his hand in the writing definitely looks like it elevates this movie from the usual Oscar fodder to something lighter and more humorous in tone...

Take a look at the first look trailer and see what you think!

(via YouTube)

I hope this movie is more realistic than it is sentimental. The casting and final line in the trailer give me hope. (The music does not.) Whatever happens, though, Dench is going to smash this.

What are your first impressions of Philomena? Let me know in the comment section below!


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