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After spending the better part of the last few years wrestling with my grief that will probably never make another feature film again, I have finally come to terms with it.

But, he's not letting me forget him. As part of the continuing trend where he doesn't actually do another movie but, instead, commits time to shorts, albums, or illustrations, we have a new piece for you.

Anyone looking for a narrative experience here is going to be disappointed, as the film is essentially a documentary, free of any narration, which shows the lithographic printmaking process in a Paris printshop. But those who appreciate Lynch's affinity for tone may welcome this short. The high-contrast black and white images, the focus on specific machinery, and the clanking and hissing array of sounds within all call back to Lynch's early shorts, and his feature debut Eraserhead.

Ladies and gentlemen, Idem Paris:

(via The Film Stage)

This does not shout brilliantly innovative filmmaking, but it takes someone like Lynch to really personify an otherwise interesting but nonetheless mundane process. I want more Lynch.

What do you think? Love the short, or is this just first-year film student quality at best?



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