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Abi Toll

Just when you thought Christmas was over, BBC America decided to give you this gift in the form of an Orphan Black teaser trailer.

We are able to show you the video which originally surfaced on thanks to TVLine, who have described it as featuring:

Murky images of four central clones played by Golden Globe nominee . As the women’s visages get swept into an animated strand of DNA, we hear the clones’ overlaid voices deliver a message that’s broad enough to lure in potential new fans (while tittilating the already obsessed): ”I’m part of a sisterhood like no other — a piece of a puzzle I can barely comprehend. My life is someone else’s experiment. My name is Alison Hendrix, is Cosima Niehaus, is Rachel Duncan, Sarah Manning — and I’m one of a kind.”


Whilst Orphan Black Season 2 will premiere on Saturday, April 19 on BBC America, I'm expecting big things if this teaser is anything to go by, wouldn't you say so?

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Source: TVLine



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