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He couldn't be more screwed. Golden Globe-winner is back in the smart, wild, and sexy Showtime series, Californication, and it's going to be the most scandalous season yet.

The -created show tells the continuing story of novelist Hank Moody, whose attempts to get his life together in LA are always being derailed by his inability to resist drinking, drugs, and girls.

More proof of that rests here, in the full premiere episode for Season 6, called "The Unforgiven", which you can check out below. This time around, Hank looks to reckoning with his own behavior and meeting with a rockstar called Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin) who's interested in creating a Broadway musical based on one of Hank's books.

The episode will expire from YouTube on February 15th, so catch it while you can:

(via Cinema Blend)

New stories, new nuances, new excitement! This is far too much awesome in one place. My head may explode.

It looks as though, With unstable rock star Fetch at the helm of the project, this should turn out to be another memorable venture for Moody. He may have survived a murder-suicide attempt by his lovelorn ex, Carrie, but she's still haunting his dreams. Could a musical be just what he needs to take his mind off women for a while?

I'm totally stoked about Minchin's arrival on the show, that's freaking wicked! Californication is an excellent series and Tim will be a perfect addition to the already amazing cast. The inventive red-headed comedian's appearance on a television series is something not to be missed, as Tim's long-term evidence-free claim of being an 'actor' will be put to the test for his role as the coked-up wild card. I hope he hooks up with Becca in the series. That'll give Hank something to write about.

How do you think the production of Hank's rock opera will go this season? Are you looking forward to seeing Minchin offer up a new flavor of laughs? Let us know in the comment section below, and hit the [[follow]] button to get the latest news on the series from Moviepilot.



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