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Brian Salisbury

It seems you can't swing a cricket bat these days without hitting another zombie comedy. These zom-coms range drastically in quality, that's for sure. I mean they can't all be Shaun of the Dead, right? At the dawn of this craze, I was totally on board, but as more and more have shambled out, my enthusiasm has worn quite thin.

Now it appears a redneck zom-com called Buck Wild is on the way. Directed and co-written by Tyler Glodt, Buck Wild is the story of a guy named Craig, whose hunting weekend is ruined by a series of unfortunate events, not the least of which being that his cousin appears to have contracted a strange virus.

JoBlo brings us this first clip from the movie. It's decent enough I suppose, but not much to go on. I do find it odd that this is being sold as a redneck zom-com, but there is nothing really redneck-y about it. Also, the audio is really horrible, but hopefully that's simply a byproduct of the clip being uploaded to the web.

Click on the image below to view the clip. What do you guys think?


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