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The promotional train for Thor: The Dark World is chugging along, from Press Junket Station to Promoville, and the cast and crew are along for the ride. The most recent stop was in London for the UK press conference, which the crew over at Connected Digital World filmed and popped on their YouTube account.

I forewarn you, the videos were obviously shot on a handheld camera, and the focus zooms in and out, so...beware the motion sickness.

Highlights include and waxing poetic about each other (naturally), talking about how awesome it was to go to Asgard in this film, and that there's going to be a surprising amount of humor in the film. Also, 's classic line: "The point of my story? The point of my story is to get paid."

Check it out.



I love how the cast loves one another, don't you? Granted, there's been some friction behind the scenes at Marvel from time to time, but it always appears as if the casts and crews from each of these films get along swimmingly.

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8th, so we have just under three weeks to place our bets on whether or not Loki redeems himself or goes full evil.

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