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With all due respect to the stellar films, both blockbuster and Oscar fodder, that have been released in 2013 and done so well due to the strength of their casting, there is perhaps no film this year where the lead actors make such perfect, natural sense that it almost shocks you they haven't worked together before in such a capacity as auteur 's latest, Only Lovers Left Alive.

and as immortal, star-crossed vampire lovers seems like something that should have already happened by now, no? Finally, the first trailer has been released, and it is as moody and beautiful as you'd expect.


Only Lovers Left Alive follows the story of Adam (Hiddleston) and Eve (Swinton), two vampire lovers who have been together, off and on, for centuries. As the eternally moody Adam sinks into a depression due to the direction humanity is taking, he reunites with his hopeful, enigmatic lover. But their reunion is interrupted when Eve's wild and uncontrollable younger sister, Ava () turns up on their doorstep. As the world continues to move on without them, they must struggle to find their place in the world - or if there is any place left for them.

This is one I've been waiting for for a few months now, and I am absolutely looking forward to seeing what the pair can bring to the screen together. How about you?

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