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Big Bad Wovles is the movie that Tarantino has said will be the "best film of 2013", so that should put things into perspective for you, while you watch this truly terrifying clip from the f***ed up movie...

It's hardly surprising that Big Bad Wolves has won 's approval, either. The Israeli flick - written and directed by and - combines elements of crime, horror and black comedy, calling to mind some of the best of Tarantino's own work.

Feast your peepers on this clip and see what you think:

I know, right!?

The movie's premise echoes 's recent Prisoners, but Big Bad Wolves takes a fresh approach. It centers on three men, each of whom is connected to a series of gruesome child murders. Miki () is the investigating detective on the case and will not shy away from using forbidden interrogation techniques to find the killer. The seemingly gentle schoolteacher Dror () is his prime suspect - and victim. Completing the trio on collision course is Gidi (), a bald, older gentleman who wants to have more than a word with Dror.

Does this movie look awesome, or does this movie look awesome? Sound off with your comments below!

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