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Tino Jochimsen

Granted I am a bit of a delicate soul when it comes to horror movies, but this trailer for Asmodexia made me go to the toilet a little.

The Spanish horror movie is yet another example of the demonic possession subgenre centering on a man of God exorcising the devil out of some poor possessed souls.

The trailer is an eerie, atmospheric affair which can and should be watched below. Could this be the best exorcism movie since the first Last Exorcism? Here's hoping...

Before watching the trailer, read the synopsis to put all that ominous Spanish whispering into context.


Asmodexia revolves Eloy de Palma, an exorcist pastor roaming the darkest corners of the country with his granddaughter Alba. Their mission is to help those possessed by The Evil One, an infection of the soul that is spreading fast, especially among the most vulnerable members of society: children, mental patients, and drug addicts. There is also a mysterious cult following them, making it more difficult to help those in need. Each exorcism is tougher than the one before, and every battle with Evil reveals a piece of young Alba’s forgotten past – an enigma that if unconcealed could change the world as we know it.



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