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Can you list how many films have a scene where two people who are physically attracted to each other (and obviously will have some kind of romantic relationship in the course of the movie) dig into something slimy together in the kitchen? You know, they are cooking and suddenly the man is standing behind the woman and he pushes her hands into some food that is supposed to be erotic and hand-on-hand chemistry sparks and they almost kiss? Well, here's is one more film that ticks that checkbox: 's Labor Day, To be released on Christmas day, you can watch not one, but two of its new trailers.

This Labor day will definitely change the life of the film's characters forever. The story is an adaptation of 's novel. plays an escaped convict (18 years for murder), who forces a mother () and her son to hide him in their household, of which he eventually becomes a part. But as we know from romantic movies, romance can blossom from the most unexpected situations.



Reitman told Entertainment Weekly (via Indiewire) about the movie:

There is an undeniable bond, they're both scared, but they both seem to need each other.

The theatrical trailer is narrated by the boy, as we watch a montage about his distressed mother, in desperate need of a relationship. It also features flashbacks and money in a bank so we can expect dirty secrets unveiling and some violence, too. The online exclusive (via Slashfilm) focuses a bit more on "the crazy wild passion".

(via Indiewire)


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