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Keanu Reeves is taking a leap of faith with his latest film 47 Ronin, a fantasy-samurai mash-up that has looked completely bonkers from what we've seen so far. Outside of the world of Hobbits and Elves, action fantasy is a really hard sell at the theater these days. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones did a swan-dive at the box office, prompting producers to put the sequel, City of Ashes, on hold indefinitely, Legendary Pictures keeps pushing back the release date for The Seventh Son, and Beautiful Creatures, John Carter, Jack the Giant Slayer, and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters were all expensive flops in the past year.


But Reeves also cemented himself in cinematic history as Neo in The Matrix trilogy, another film franchise that seemed far too weird to work. So should we give him the benefit of the doubt? After seeing the first two 47 Ronin trailers, two new TV clips leave me as mystified as ever...


Reason it might work: It's a love story! And everyone wants a happy ending for Reeves, especially after his heartbreaking life story hit the internet this year and reestablished his cult-hero cred, right?

Reason it might flop: Keanu Reeves is the one who has to carry this epic love story. I think we can all agree that's a highly suspect selling point.


Reason it might work: I have no idea what it is, but that is an awesome cat-dragon-tree thing!

Reason it might flop: I have no idea what it is. Is that, thing? No, seriously, what the hell is that? What is this movie even about?!

This movie could really go either way, with a Christmas Day release. It's going up against a few serious contenders on the same release schedule, but will the power of the Keanu Reeves faithful and fantasy vault 47 Ronin to the top? Let's hear your thoughts.

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