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Matt Carter

Those of you guys that saw the excellent candy-coated video game-themed Wreck-It Ralph will know that as well as featuring characters from some classic arcade games of the past, the filmmakers also created their own games; Fix-It Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush. There were also plans for a fourth game, Extreme Easy Living 2, a sort of Sims living in paradise game where the beach never ends and the weather is always fine, but the game didn't make the final cut of the movie as the film makers felt it superfluous to the plot. With Wreck-it-Ralph now out on Blu-ray, Disney has released a storyboarded deleted scene set inside Extreme Easy Living 2 so check it out:

Extreme Easy Living 2 is certainly a change of pace to the bug-hunting Hero's Duty, but with plans afoot for Wreck-it Ralph 2, perhaps we could be visiting paradise second time around.

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