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If you think the process behind shooting La La Land was simply a walk during a lovely night, think again.

(Refresh your memory of the stunning cinematography in the trailer below.)

The -directed modern musical starring Academy Award-nominees and featured jazz, love and gorgeous sequences.

Expert camera operator Ari Robbins worked alongside Chazelle to execute the director's vision and he truly did a spectacular job, if these Instagram videos are any indication of his dedication to getting the right shot.

Robbins's videos showcase the insane patience and dedication required for filming during this incredibly arduous shoot. With the amount of work it took to produce the breathtaking sequences, it is no wonder why the film received so much love in the technical department for the this year.

1. Robbins And Chazelle Working Their Magic

This -inducing shot illustrates the sheer control and will Robbins had with his steadicam. During the "Summer Montage/Madeline" sequence of the film where Gosling (Sebastian) is shredding on the piano, we see Robbins operating the steadicam with Chazelle directly behind him, tapping his shoulder to signify when to switch between Gosling and Stone (Mia). User wrightfilms truly sums up what I was thinking during watching it:

"Hope you did some yoga before this..."

I feel like I need some yoga after seeing what this man can pull off.

2. Finding That Someone In The Sky

During the "Someone In The Crowd" sequence, we see Mia emerge from her apartment and join her friends on their way to a booming Hollywood party. As if we needed more proof that Robbins is in complete control of his steadicam, the video shows him walking backwards toward a platform that shoots him into the air as he films - one-handed, by the way! - the night sky and four friends below. Major props also go out to the guy below holding onto that rope for dear life.

[Credit: Summit Entertainment]
[Credit: Summit Entertainment]

A Few More BTS Shots From 'La La Land'

Robbins's Instagram is chock full of behind-the-scenes goodies that delve into the life of a Hollywood camera operator. Here are 4 more posts that feature a glimpse of the Gosling and the fantastic "Another Day Of Sun" sequence.

Robbins On The Runway For Mia

Robbins screen shots a piece from The Hollywood Reporter which shows him on a runway platform attempting to get that perfect shot from Stone.

Filming That Marvelous Opening Sequence

Robbins soars above the blonde woman to get that final incredible shot of the busy Los Angeles highway. He also demonstrates the insane amount of people it took to film that sequence which is truly just a fragment of the dozens of other cast and crew members.

Here Is That Glimpse Of The Gos Surrounded By Crew Members

Gosling appears to be in an intense discussion with Chazelle as a number of other crew members prepare to resume shooting. I would definitely be the guy beside Robbins who is positively beaming at being so close to the handsome Canadian talent.

[Credit: Summit Entertainment]
[Credit: Summit Entertainment]

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