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After a 2009 big screen adaptation directed by Zack Snyder, DC and Warner Bros. have been trying to breathe new life into Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's . Aside from the controversial, Moore-less new comic books and the animated movie currently in development, it appears the characters may be coming to TV.

Back in 2015, was set to produce a TV version of the graphic novel for HBO. After that, however, the project went quiet for two years. Now that silence has ended, according to Hollywood sources.

'Watchmen' May Be Coming To Television

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that and showrunner (also writer of Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness and Cowboys & Aliens) is in talks with HBO and Warner Bros. to helm a TV adaptation of Watchmen. Zack Snyder is no longer attached to the project and, according to Variety, Lindelof's version will be completely different from the one that was first being developed.

Keep in mind, as exciting as this announcement is, no deal has been finalized, so the existence of this show isn't a sure thing. But still, the potential existence of the project begs the huge question:

How Much Will This Differ From Zack Snyder's Movie?

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

Zack Snyder's film is often talked about as the most faithful movie adaptation of a comic book out there, even though it took a few creative liberties. (In the movie, Ozzymandias frames Doctor Manhattan for the destruction of New York City to make the governments of the world stop fighting and have a common enemy to target. On the printed page, a trans-dimensional squid suddenly appears... I know, comics.)

So, what can a Watchmen TV series give audiences that the movie — and especially its extended cut — didn't already?

There's perhaps the opportunity for a richer storyline. A movie, especially a superhero film, has a limited timeframe to tell a story and must include a bunch of action. So a TV series could delve deeper into the characters and their motivations, elements for which the Watchmen graphic novel is essentially a gold mine, or focus on a different era or even new adventures for the characters.

Again, I must stress that nothing is set in stone yet, so we'll have to wait and see whether this new version of Watchmen moves forward.

How do you feel about the Watchmen possibly living again on TV? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety]


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