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Update: HBO has confirmed its pilot order for Watchmen. The network has also ordered scripts from Damon Lindelof for subsequent episodes in case the series is picked up, Variety reports.

For the past few years DC has been dominating the TV world with its slew of fan-loved superhero shows. Although DC has several upcoming projects in the works, HBO's adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibson's graphic novel Watchmen (to be helmed by The Leftover's Damon Lindelof) is something fans are particularly looking forward too. And though it was never quite confirmed if the TV series was going to be made, now, it seems that work has officially begun on the Watchmen show.

Last year it was reported that DC's TV shows alone had helped Warner Bros. earn more than a staggering billion dollars and just recently it was revealed that DC was working on creating its own streaming site with Titans set to launch the comic book company's foray into web series. And with a number of comic book projects slated for release in the upcoming years, DC must ensure it continues to stay atop the world. Now, it appears that that dream is a little more in reach if one takes a look at Lindelof's recent Instagram post.

The post, which features a closeup shot of the statue the first Nite-Owl received when he retired from his superhero career, seems to be taken in the writers room which seems to indicate that work has officially begun on the superhero show. In fact, the photo Damon Lindelof took is an homage to the popular Watchmen issue #8 cover, where Nite-Owl was being killed with the statue. fans may know of the statue's importance as it led to the murder of the original Nite-Owl Hollis Mason.

'Watchmen' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Watchmen' [Credit: DC Comics]

Back in 2015, it was announced that Zack Snyder, who made the 2009 Watchmen movie, would be adapting the series for HBO but these plans fell through after the critical panning of Snyder's film Batman v. Superman. Lindelof, who has admitted to being a fan of the film, was announced to be making the TV series just this June, and it looks like the show is on fast track to pre-production.

While Snyder's take on the Watchmen series was quite terrific on its own, Lindelof's work on Lost and HBO's makes him the ideal showrunner for such a project. The Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's graphic novel has often been hailed among the best superhero series of all time and its complex characters and storylines could make for an excellent TV series adaptation in Lindelof's skilled hands. Those who may be familiar with his work in The Leftovers know just how impressive the showrunner is, with his take on the Tom Perrotta novel being simply extraordinary.

Still, it's important to remember that this picture could just be a tease from the director — you know, the way Armie Hammer toyed with our hearts about being Green Lantern before ultimately confirming that he wouldn't be playing that role in the Justice League — or it could be the start of a very long process leading up to the release of the Watchmen TV series.

It's entirely possible that the TV series may not end up getting green light by the folks over at the HBO, and even more probable that at this point writers are just pitching ideas to see if they even can make a good Watchmen show. And as Watchmen comic co-writer Dave Gibbons recently stated, he isn't being included in the possible TV series — which is a far cry from Damon Lindelof's approach with The Leftovers novel writer Perrotta, who served as a producer on the HBO series.

Regardless of whether or not we do get to see the project come to life, it's great to see someone as celebrated as Damon Lindelof deciding to tackle such an amazing DC project.

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(Source: Variety)


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