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After watching the first two episodes of , I have to say that moving to The CW has been the best move the show has made so far. In fact, the show has made a lot of progress in terms of storytelling and action.

A lot of things have changed since moving this summer — dropped by and this time it is not a shadow or a torso only; we actually have a real Superman. Played by Tyler Hoechelin, he quickly conquered our hearts with his grade-A performance as the Man of Steel.

4. Kara Takes A New Direction In Life

Kara's new boss is not much like the old boss
Kara's new boss is not much like the old boss

Kara has a new job. She is no longer Cat Grant's personal assistant and has taken on a new job as a reporter. She will be dealing with a new boss, Snapper Carr, who makes it clear from the get-go that he is not interested at all in having her and her ponytail around. He wants someone who is willing to walk the walk, someone willing to get their hands dirty. Kara being a reporter can prove to be very useful to the show as it could develop her character more. Take ethical issues for instance — where does one draw the line as a reporter? Where does Kara stop being a reporter and do Supergirl's responsibilities begin? There are so many new options with Kara's new job and I hope that the writers can flesh out Kara's character a lot better. It sure beats hearing Cat Grant coming up in her elevator and making sure her latte is at the right temperature.

3. Cadmus Announce Themselves To The World

We have been teased about Cadmus since last season with subtle and not so subtle hints being dropped. In The Last Children of Krypton, we see what Cadmus is. They are nothing more than an Anti-Alien organization whose sole purpose is to eradicate alien life on earth. The organization seems to be led by a charismatic scientist whose name has never been mentioned. The question is: Is she running Cadmus? If yes, then is she working alone? If not, then who else is behind Cadmus? With the anti-alien rhetoric, I would think that last season's bad guy, Maxwell Lord, could be a part of it.

This week, Cadmus is responsible for creating two Metallos. This is an interesting take on the Superman lore. Even though the two Metallos didn't receive much character development, they were at the very heart of creating the iconic scene that was reminiscent of the cover of the 1980s megacrossover called Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This is it! Double-size shocker!
This is it! Double-size shocker!

2. Oh Supergirl, Where Are You Now?

With Superman around and he and Kara spending a lot of time together, big sister Alex feels ignored. Before Supes came to town, Alex was the one taking care of her and protecting her. With Superman around, Alex feels she is under appreciated by Kara, especially when Kara announces her plan to move to Metropolis so that she can live closer to her big cousin.

It takes a fight at Cadmus labs and taking down one of the Metallos for Kara to realize that Alex brings out the best in her and vice versa.

1. When The Cat's Away...

Cat Grant is off to conquer a new sea
Cat Grant is off to conquer a new sea

Like I discussed earlier in my post, not only Kara, but the entire show, is taking a whole new direction. Cat Grant is taking her leave of absence and thus the writers are forced to figure out new ways to solve certain situations. While Jimmy Olsen will take care of Cat's company while she goes off to explore new horizons and conquer new seas, Kara will be dealing with the complete opposite of Cat Grant, Pulitzer Prize-winning Snapper Carr. Whereas Cat Grant acted as a mentee to her employees, Snapper Carr doesn't care at all how someone got to where he or she is; he only cares about whether or not there is a journalistic story to be told. The contrast couldn't be bigger and should prove interesting dynamics for the rest of the season.

Speaking of Jimmy Olsen, it was recently announced that he will become The Guardian. While I think that is a good idea to make Jimmy's role a bit bigger than what it is now, with 78 years of lore, couldn't they have come up with something better for Jimmy Olsen?

Check out the promo for Supergirl Episode 3, set to air next week:

What are your thoughts so far on this season of Supergirl?


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